when words lose their meaning

Was going through the papers this morning, and I knew I’d feel it necessary to finally write this today. It’s been festering in my brain for the last few days, and to be honest it’s something I knew I’d eventually be getting round to talking about. Let’s start with the news today. The German government… Continue reading when words lose their meaning

do mention the war, please!

There’s been enough sentimentality here for a while, right? That’s not what you normally come here for. What do you come here for, anyway? I’ve been pondering the things that people coming here seem to enjoy, and the more personal I get…well, it seems that’s what people want to read. I’ve tried covering some relatively… Continue reading do mention the war, please!

smoke and mirrors

Today I found out about a friend’s death, and I’m so disoriented that I find my emotions swirling here and there. I might be able to leave impressions scrawled on the page, but at the moment I can barely have a conversation with those closest to me. I regularly read about how unreal the friendships… Continue reading smoke and mirrors

Contemplating the Continental Breakup

the idea of Europe I’ve thought quite a bit about how I’d introduce this topic. It’s complicated and nearly impenetrable. Notice I didn’t say impossible. But many Europeans I talk to don’t know where to begin. Or they’re so overwhelmed with the whole thing that they shy away from even trying to start. Many people… Continue reading Contemplating the Continental Breakup

perplexed by an unsolicited package

This is the perfect blogpost for tumblr. That site still confuses and irritates me, but I’ve been spending more time there and eventually I’ll understand how to better create tumblr content. But…this: what I’m about to write…it’s not a full blogpost. It’s an unfinished thought. It’s the beginning of a story and the promise of… Continue reading perplexed by an unsolicited package

where to store your meat

So I’ve tried writing about serious topics here, and gotten very little response. I’ve included a bit of whimsy, and that attracted some dialogue and then some. To be fair, what’s one to say in response to not very anonymous? That Shakespeare didn’t really write the plays? Please. If you really believe that, you and… Continue reading where to store your meat

my rays of sunshine

Before there was even the thought of Ella and Louis – the Magyar Vizsla brother and sister that I talk and write about a great deal – before them there was a dog who came walking up to our car on a little road in southwestern South Dakota on the way from Sturgis down to… Continue reading my rays of sunshine

something rotten in Hungary

I have no business writing about this. With resolve, I avoid writing about American or British politics. Why would I wade into the subject of Hungary’s policies? Why indeed? Although I’m not a European citizen, I take the idea of community seriously. And my community is in crisis. Really? Isn’t that a bit strident? You’re… Continue reading something rotten in Hungary

a Dachshund wrestling the devil on his newly built bridge

Have been in the car quite a lot in the last few days. I’ve lived in places where you really need a car and then I’ve lived in places where public transportation makes having a car unnecessary, and I much prefer the latter. But I’m no Luddite. As I stumble through life, I’m in awe… Continue reading a Dachshund wrestling the devil on his newly built bridge