and her wolf

Sometimes it’s best just to let the girl be with her wolf. Was scrolling through some photos I took last year and never used. Why has it taken me so long to insert this one in the blog? There are wonders waiting round the corner…all you need to do sometimes is let your gaze float… Continue reading and her wolf

canine sphinx

Recently took a day trip to Austria. Whenever I travel without my dogs Ella and Louis, I stop and admire other dogs. It’s not something I can control. Have always liked dogs. Because mine aren’t with me, I live vicariously through other dog owners. It’s a weakness. This dog breed is Japanese. Great dogs. Very… Continue reading canine sphinx

from above the Oktoberfest

Isn’t she gaww-juss? My girl Bavaria. I like ’em big, you know. And her lion? I could let her stick around for the lion alone. My band and I went to the Oktoberfest yesterday morning, but my hounds Ella and Louis insisted on accompanying us, so we knew we wouldn’t be actually going down to… Continue reading from above the Oktoberfest

pig saves kid

[youtube] I don’t really know what to do with this, so I’ll simply post it. It pleases me to no end. Purportedly, pigs are rather clever. This one’s no exception.

swim for the light

(photo courtesy of Stephen Pruitt) ‘Why are you so into turtles?’ I get asked often. Instead of a traditional wedding ring, my wife and I chose turtle rings. We lived in Aspen when we were first married, and there was a Kieselstein-Cord shop there. Do you know this designer? Known for alligator/crocodile belt buckles and… Continue reading swim for the light

a rainy bug for your contemplative pleasure

After several relatively humid days here in Bavaria’s capital, we’ve had a few days of scattered showers. Aren’t you glad you came here for the weather report on The Previous Week in Munich? I’m happy to be of help, you know. At your service and all that. So, on the terrace this morning there was… Continue reading a rainy bug for your contemplative pleasure

little Vizslas

Insomnia has struck, so I’m up in the night looking at old photos. Have another blogpost in the works about Schoko Bär, but it’s not quite ready, so this’ll have to do. These are photos from when Ella and Louis were still tiny. Puppies are a bit like babies in that everyone thinks their precious… Continue reading little Vizslas