ideas about rhinoceros dentists

Rhinos in Munich? Well yes, of course. Saw this old photo, and it reminds me of previous summers hereabouts. Wanted to write something a bit more substantial, but this will have to do at the moment. There’s simply too much living going on to sit down and record any of it. However, this is where I leave… Continue reading ideas about rhinoceros dentists

August all to ourselves

   Many European cities are empty for the entire month of August. Well, not empty exactly, because there are still plenty of tourists. Yet the locals are gone. None of this is new, by the way.  Parisians are notorious for abandoning the City of Light and make a mass exodus to the Côte d’Azur and… Continue reading August all to ourselves

serenading those of the feline persuasion in my best owl voice

   Normally, I provide the source for photos/artwork when I include it here, but this is something that was included in a comment thread & I’ve got no idea where it originated. If I find out, I’ll definitely come back and mention where it came from.  The drawing certainly reflects some nicer moments of the… Continue reading serenading those of the feline persuasion in my best owl voice

German baseballers go for glory

Here’s Douglas Sutton‘s article in The Munich Eye about baseball in Germany: German baseballers go for glory. Thanks Douglas. Great article. You didn’t even know we had baseball over here, did you? I’ve written about the game before, because I associate it with both my dad and my Nana. It’s one of the only things I miss about living… Continue reading German baseballers go for glory

pre dusk moment in Munich during a break in the clouds

Had a few minutes yesterday evening between appointments and got this shot of the sunset while standing at the entrance to the Odeonsplatz U-Bahn station. I love this city, which I think is self evident by the way I write about it. Sometimes, I’m so busy hustling here and bustling to somewhere else that I… Continue reading pre dusk moment in Munich during a break in the clouds

idling right

Played a private party on the Isar this evening, and it really was quite enjoyable. Relaxed and a bit languid, even. I told Jarrod that I used to play gigs in a tuxedo and this was much more fulfilling. Wouldn’t go back to that earlier life as a musician for anything. Not that anyone misses… Continue reading idling right