Saint George and the dragon

Most of you know the story, but for those of you who don’t I’ll run through it briefly. St George and the Dragon. The English know it. Anyone who grew up in the Anglican Communion knows this one. St George slays the Dragon. Exciting, eh? You probably know a dragon or two from that trifling… Continue reading Saint George and the dragon

getting a baby’s consent is no easy matter

Several years ago, I was reading Gary Shteyngart‘s 2006 Absurdistan, and there was one thing I found rather curious. It’s possible that everyone knows about this, but in my circle of friends the topic of late-in-life circumcision rarely, if ever, comes up. Ahem…as it were. This is undoubtedly a sensitive subject, and I assumed the author… Continue reading getting a baby’s consent is no easy matter

these genes would make an ugly sister

Although I don’t have a sister, I found out some weird news this week. Turns out I can legally artificially inseminate my sister, but it’s against the law for me to actually have intercourse with her. That’s a relief, right? Wait, what? It’s true. Them’s the rules. Unless you’re in Germany or pay attention to German… Continue reading these genes would make an ugly sister

What has to be said

This is going to be a post that really breaks from the tenor of my regular offerings. It sort of has to. See, I normally avoid  religion and politics. It’s just not my thing. I certainly have opinions on these topics, but most of the time I’d rather be writing to a general audience. I’m… Continue reading What has to be said

soft as mother hard as father

How does one even begin to write about Terrence Malick‘s The Tree of Life? When it first came out, critics were clear that this wasn’t your average film. I think I remember one review I read said something like love it or hate it, you won’t forget this work. It was called many things and… Continue reading soft as mother hard as father

St Francis’ dog carrying a doughnut

Looming above Nice is the hill where the Château once stood (there are still ruins) and the Cimetière du Château (cemetery of the Château) still stands. Quite majestically truth be told. Actually, I’ll point you to a much better travel blogger than I who’ll explain this succinctly. Here it is: France Travel Series : The Nice Side… Continue reading St Francis’ dog carrying a doughnut

money and beauty

Don’t want to dwell on this, because hypocrisy can be such a tired topic. Nevertheless, it’s a very succinct description of how a letter of exchange wasn’t officially seen as usury. Here, give it a gander: ‘The Church’s ban on usury and the images of usurers burning in hell troubled lenders and borrowers alike. But… Continue reading money and beauty