blogging takes a backseat

Lately, I’ve been moving house, saying goodbye to the lady with whom I used to live and pretty much just trying not to freak the fuck out. Today, I’ve got no appointments for the first time in eons…getting on a train and just going. No-one knows where. You know there’ll be a blogpost about it.… Continue reading blogging takes a backseat

up in the Hochbahn in Hamburg

This is a blogpost I’ve been waiting to do until I had enough photos to make it make a bit of sense. Not that this blog always makes much sense. What’d be the point of that? No point, I tell you. Just like other major German cities, Hamburg has both an U-Bahn and S-Bahn system.… Continue reading up in the Hochbahn in Hamburg

drunk trains in the night

Roughly two thousand people showed up Saturday night to protest Munich’s new law that you can’t drink on the S-Bahn (Schnell-Bahn directly translated as fast trains, but I like to say suburban trains). The term *people* I use very loosely. As the night wore on, ten trains had to be taken out of commission. Lights… Continue reading drunk trains in the night