Jerusalem? What took you to Jerusalem?

Fafa before her death in 2020

My mom’s nickname in the family when she was a teen was Fafa, because her brother David couldn’t say ‘Martha‘ when he was young.

The last ten years of her life, she’d come to Europe and we traveled around Germany, France, the UK and finally Spain together. As a very religious Christian, she also went to religious sites in Turkey and was sucker for Celtic spiritual sites like Iona and the like.

The one place she wanted to see before she died, though, was Israel. Jerusalem, specifically. And since she died, I’ve been trying to make the trip in her honour.

This month, November, I finally made it happen. Because I work remotely, I could keep writing and studying while I was on my trip. Stayed at the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem most of my trip, as well as a few nights in Nazareth.

Can highly recommend that hostel in Jerusalem, which is near the market and lots of tourist/shopping places. Get in touch with me or just reach out to the Abraham Hostel if you’re headed to Israel and want an economical place to stay thereabouts.

This is just the first in a series of posts about my trip to Israel. It was an adventure Fafa would’ve loved, I’m certain.

Jerusalem was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. Met old and new friends. Saw the Wall, and prayed for my mom, my dad, all my grandparents and felt some sort of spiritual realignment.

In the near future, I’ll try to put the last part in better words. For now, just know that I made it to and from The Holy Land and luckily didn’t get a Messiah Complex.

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