fighting dragons

Because I blogged relatively rarely over the holidays, I have a backlog of photos that I haven’t bothered putting here. There are a lot of dragons on walls and in paintings that I’ve been running into lately. The one above was in Landsberg am Lech, which is a little village west-southwest of Munich. Because of… Continue reading fighting dragons

Saying goodbye to Neuhausen

Not only Homer Simpson might mistake all that snow for a big powdered doughnut. — Ken Macbeth (@lahikmajoe) January 18, 2013 If you follow the link in the tweet reprinted above, you’ll find a view from the hotel room we’ve been in since the beginning of January, and I can’t stop chuckling at the… Continue reading Saying goodbye to Neuhausen

holding off on discouragement

My friend Dermot held off on telling me how impossible it is to find a place to live in Munich – especially with dogs. And one more thing against me? Many or most people here have secure employment. I’m a freelancer with work in a variety of fields. It’s never boring, but it’s anything but… Continue reading holding off on discouragement

the best red dogs on the planet turn eight today!

On 13 January 2005 the best red dogs on the planet were born. I went into detail about all this last year at the same time, but I just wanted to share this photo. If I let myself, I’d blog about their love and what an honour it is to take care of them on… Continue reading the best red dogs on the planet turn eight today!

elements await me

Looked out the window a little while ago, and it was actually snowing. The past few weeks have been unseasonably mild in Bavaria. When it’s been wet, everything’s gotten rather soggy. While I’m always happy to see a bit of the white stuff falling from the sky, this fresh snowfall has made me particularly happy.… Continue reading elements await me

taking a breather and turning the page

Took this back during the Christkindlmarkt season in Munich, but haven’t bothered posting it until now. Originally, I’d planned to get more photos of them actually playing, but the potential energy that is them taking a break and turning the page is far more suspenseful. Enjoy.  

Look what I found

  Ella and Louis are back on board, and it looks like we may have even found a place to live…in Munich, no less. Don’t want to say too much till it’s finalised, but it’s near the English Garden and exactly where we wanted to live. The dogs are happy pretty much anywhere, but this… Continue reading Look what I found