rolling with the haters, and begging for feedback or questions

While not getting too specific about who it was who irritated me the other day, while I was doing this roku account on twitter, I’d like talk about criticism and how I’ve chosen to use social media. To be clear, I’m neither a good American nor a well-integrated German visitor. Other expats or immigrants or… Continue reading rolling with the haters, and begging for feedback or questions

Manly in Landshut

Every Tuesday, I’ve got a teaching gig in one of my favourite places in Bavaria, hell all of Germany. Whether it’s their infamous Landshuter Hochzeit (wedding) or the Burg Trausnitz (Trausnitz castle), this place is content gold. Expect many more posts from this beautiful small city about an hour or so northwest of my home… Continue reading Manly in Landshut

Schäfflertanz in the distant past…and again today

My family is hurrying out of the house, so we can go see these guys dance here in our little village. If we leave RIGHT NOW, we just might make it. It’s the first time the #progeny will see them, so I’m quite excited. Will share the experience as soon as I’ve got new footage.

briller de tous ses feux and now

My high school French has served me well. It hasn’t hurt that I’ve known some amazing French people, and of course I mean women. Oof. Tell me again why I shouldn’t shine as brightly as I can manage? Stories of Keith Moon or Icarus be damned, I’m flying as close to the sun as I… Continue reading briller de tous ses feux and now

Get your English back to where it was…easy peasy!

How does this relate to you learning enough English so you can communicate with your own little carpet munchers? Maybe you already understand and even speak English when you travel, and you’d just like to practise a bit.