this photo of my lunch on Insta isn’t narcissistic, I promise…really

Narcissus is the symbol of our age

Every time I hear someone say, ‘He’s such a narcissist,’ I cringe. Might it be because I’m, in fact, more self-involved than I like to admit? Of course. It’s possible, or even probable.

No matter the person, I believe that’s simply one danger of being human.

However, it’s a word that’s so overused that it no longer has much, or any, meaning. When someone’s deemed narcissistic, I wonder how different he could be from the next narcissist at the bar.

What helps me in these situations, to get a bit of context, is to imagine how my grandparents would see our world. My Nana, for example, would not give much thought to social media, I assure you.

What exactly is Instagram?‘ I can hear her voice as she might ask.

It’s where we share the photos from our daily life, Nana,’ I’d respond. ‘Such as, my wife and her weekly visit to the café or when our family takes the time to sit down in a restaurant.’

You take a photo of the family, sure,‘ my hypothetical conversation with my mother’s mother continues. I’d respond, ‘Well, not exactly. We photograph our food. Whatever pastry she ordered at the café or whatever meal was eaten at the Italian place we’d finally visited.’

Here’s where I’m sure this woman who had been born in the 1920s would be completely baffled. At this point, she’d finally ask the most obvious question in the world:


This self-evident question has been weirdly forgotten in our daily rush here and there. What’re people even doing on social media to begin with? What possible purpose could there be for posting my Penne Arrabiata onto these various platforms?

For the average bear with a private Instagram account, I’m going to fall back on the narcissism answer and politely recuse myself from that discussion. Really, it’s not my business why Aunt Gladys thinks we care about her lunch. Her social media use just isn’t my concern.

My clients, though? They’ve heard they should be doing Pinterest, or YouTube, or even the dreaded Feckbook/Insta. Why? For what purpose?

Say what you like, but it’s about building a brand and these platforms do allow you to do so. How? When? Which platform?

And most importantly:


Write or call me and we’ll talk about your situation at Why you need/want to acquire new clients or customers. Why, indeed?

I will go out on a limb and say few people have thought more about these questions than people who work in this field. My colleagues and I have answered these questions as long as social media has existed.

Don’t be a narcissist.

Let me help you understand it better.

Get in touch.

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