no matter what wanderlust comes upon me

The sun has made an appearance after a long winter, and it’s time to go outside. If you know anything about my dogs Ella and Louis, you know that means we’ll be going up up up. They love to hike in the Alps, and I don’t blame them. In the last few days, I’ve heard… Continue reading no matter what wanderlust comes upon me

My beautiful heathen

    Nearly as long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve been trying to avoid talking too much about twitter. For one thing, it’s incredibly boring if you’re not already there. So many people with whom I interact in my daily life ridicule the medium, and I gave up long ago any hope of changing their… Continue reading My beautiful heathen

Shining in the light of the setting sun

  When you’ve got nothing interesting to say, talk about the weather. Right? Well, I’ve got plenty of interesting things to talk about….still the coming springtime is on my mind. This wasn’t the hardest winter, but I’ve been ready to usher it out the door for most of February. I’m not normally like that, which… Continue reading Shining in the light of the setting sun

Fine words butter no parsnips

 Well, I was just kidding when I assured Robert Godden that I’d used ‘Fine words butter no parsnips’ in a long ago blogpost. Purportedly, he’s just spent an hour looking through the archives of my various blogs for the nonexistent time I used that phrase…now I almost feel bad, but not really.  Maybe he-of-gullible-tendencies… Continue reading Fine words butter no parsnips