all for the love of dog

Ella and Louis on the U-Bahn in Munich

Have been searching for a new flat, and in Munich that’s not an easy task. It’s like a full-time job, and I’ve already got one of those. Well, sort of. So, the biggest impediment when it comes to finding a place, aside from the fact that Munich is completely saturated, is my two dogs. Ella… Continue reading all for the love of dog

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canine sphinx

Recently took a day trip to Austria. Whenever I travel without my dogs Ella and Louis, I stop and admire other dogs. It’s not something I can control. Have always liked dogs. Because mine aren’t with me, I live vicariously through other dog owners. It’s a weakness. This dog breed is Japanese. Great dogs. Very… Continue reading canine sphinx

A year? It’s been a whole year?

Has it been an entire year? Quite a lot has happened this year since I started this blog. I’d taken a few stabs at blogging (unsuccessfully) and still have a teablog that gets a bit of attention. I should do more over there, but my friends who’re tea fanatics seem to be patiently awaiting my… Continue reading A year? It’s been a whole year?

blogging takes a backseat

Lately, I’ve been moving house, saying goodbye to the lady with whom I used to live and pretty much just trying not to freak the fuck out. Today, I’ve got no appointments for the first time in eons…getting on a train and just going. No-one knows where. You know there’ll be a blogpost about it.… Continue reading blogging takes a backseat

Shadows and light revisited

I wrote a blogpost with this title back in early summer, but didn’t even mention the Joni Mitchell song I was referencing. That was an unfortunate omission, because it’s a song worth knowing. Here are the lyrics: ‘Every picture has its shadows And it has some source of light Blindness, blindness and sight The perils… Continue reading Shadows and light revisited