swooping down from the hills and collapsing to the ground

After the ‘man who sawed off his own foot’ post, I could probably take the rest of the week off. Until now, I haven’t been one of those ‘blog everyday’ sorts. Yet sometimes the goings on in the world just keep serving up things that need to be mentioned. What could possibly follow up the… Continue reading swooping down from the hills and collapsing to the ground

shy of working

Arbeitsunwillger Mann sägt sich Fuß ab (‘Man unwilling to work saws off his own foot‘) I mentioned this earlier in the week, and thought it might be inappropriate for this blog. Then I remembered this is a blog where we talk about dogs vomiting in chocolate spewing forth and someone stuffing postboxes with excrement in you’ve got stool.… Continue reading shy of working

fast food

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSHP0oHO4_w] Sometimes when I want to write about something, I search through stock photo websites for the perfect photo to go with my thoughts. Often, the visuals remind me of a photo I’ve taken, so then I go manically  through my library to see if I can use one of my own. It’s then… Continue reading fast food

the facts from your worldview

This one is going to be hard to tell without you actually going to some of the links I provide. I normally try to make my blog easy to follow without you having to go anywhere else. While telling you a story, and I try to tell you where I came up with the genesis… Continue reading the facts from your worldview

beeps and burps

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0FVm_H_D18&w=420&h=315] The video above starts with the woman asking her father how he’s getting along with the new iPad he was given recently. He answers that it’s just fine while he finishes cutting vegetables on it, rinses it off, and then loads it into the dishwasher. Have been hearing a lot of noise from luddites lately.… Continue reading beeps and burps

Welcome to the club

I’m mailing it in a bit this time around. There are so many things on my mind that I’m excited to blog about, but I really need a bit more time to develop the ideas. So instead, I’ve decided to include a video that the The Guardian put together. It’s on their open journalism page,… Continue reading Welcome to the club

the weirder they come

This week, we lost one of our originals. If you’ve spent any time on the streets of Austin, Texas in the last two decades, you’ve very likely encountered Leslie. Here’s how the Austin American-Statesman reported on the death: Austin icon Leslie Cochran dies at age 60. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it got me… Continue reading the weirder they come


You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been moving around quite a lot lately. Here and there. Every Tuesday in Poing, and last week some massive oversharing while I took this show on the road. While in Berlin, I scattered plenty of photos, visited tea shops/tearooms and generally tried to entertain the lot of you with things… Continue reading irgendwo

The Adventures of One Fancy World-Traveling Bon Vivant (with a jaunty hat)

I don’t know where Amy Durant at www.lucysfootball.com comes up with this stuff, but it’s hilarious. She takes snippets of reality, and weaves her spidery web of fantasy and madness. And this piece is all about my favourite character of all: me. Your sometimes less than humble lahikmajoe. And without further ado, here’s The Adventures… Continue reading The Adventures of One Fancy World-Traveling Bon Vivant (with a jaunty hat)

We’re going to the zoo

Do you remember Knut? This was not simply a German phenomenon. He became news around the world. Born in late 2006, Knut brought record numbers of visitors flocking to an already popular zoo. The story was compelling, because he was rejected by his mother and raised primarily by his handler Thomas Dörflein, who sadly died… Continue reading We’re going to the zoo