Tell me another story about baseball…oh, the humanity

Explaining baseball and trying to get across my love for the Cubs

Few Europeans can get into this weird antiquated game that such a small segment of society understands, or even wants to. How to present it to them, when they have little or no context

never as right as right now

Here I am at some ungodly hour up in the night waiting for a sporting event to just get started already.  And I’m trying to imagine a thing I’d be more excited about…just can’t do it.  What about a World Cup Final? If Germany made it all the way to the title game? Been there,… Continue reading never as right as right now

German baseballers go for glory

Here’s Douglas Sutton‘s article in The Munich Eye about baseball in Germany: German baseballers go for glory. Thanks Douglas. Great article. You didn’t even know we had baseball over here, did you? I’ve written about the game before, because I associate it with both my dad and my Nana. It’s one of the only things I miss about living… Continue reading German baseballers go for glory