Knee deep in Filmfest…I’ll sleep when I’m dead

For ages I’ve referred to this as the ‘best week of the year‘ in Munich, and I might just stand by that, although it has some stiff competition the longer I live here.  Why the best? Because of Filmfest, I tell you.  Before I started reviewing films for English language publications, I regularly attended it… Continue reading Knee deep in Filmfest…I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Star Wars from over here in my corner of the galaxy

   As popular as the new Star Wars film might be on social media and, of course, in cinemas around the world, there’s a contingent of people who never saw the point. Either they weren’t around when the original films came out and are baffled by the entire phenomenon or they even experienced all of… Continue reading Star Wars from over here in my corner of the galaxy

a clear picture in a dark cinema

The last week was spent watching movies. Mostly. Of course, Ella and Louis still needed to go out, and I had a day trip to Bamberg on business. That’s to say, life didn’t stop for the Filmfest München, but plenty was put on hold. There are not only plenty of film reviews left to write,… Continue reading a clear picture in a dark cinema

and so it begins

The Filmfest in Munich officially started last night, but the first day of screenings for regular folk is here. The day is upon us. As much as I enjoy living here, I really miss independent film. This is the only week of the year one can catch work by obscure film makers. Not all of… Continue reading and so it begins

Shadow of a Doubt

An offer on twitter of a free ticket to see a Hitchcock film that I was sure I’d already seen. Little did I know – it was one of the middle period Hitchcock movies, and I was in for a treat. I had not only not seen it, but it has one of my all-time… Continue reading Shadow of a Doubt

not very anonymous

Haven’t ever seen a movie by Roland Emmerich.  Until today that is.  It’s actually something I was rather proud of. And even a bit smug. How can you know you wouldn’t like it if you’d never seen one?  His sort of movie wasn’t my cup of tea (You knew I’d squeeze a little bit of tea… Continue reading not very anonymous