all we’ve got

‘ “The  past,” he said, resting three fingers across the mouth of his cup to keep Bea from pouring yet another refill, “is a gravity. It holds you to the earth, but it also keeps pulling you down, trying, like the earth itself, to reclaim you. And the future, always looking that direction, planning, anticipating… Continue reading all we’ve got

licking her lips atop the ‘sea mountain head’

It was the first hike of the season last weekend, and it took me this long to upload the photos. Ella and Louis look rather regal, don’t they? We took the train to Bayrischzell, which is an area of Upper Bavaria we know quite well. We’ve hiked here often. Sitting in the square before we… Continue reading licking her lips atop the ‘sea mountain head’

give my pinky over there a workout

Have been humming Tom Petty‘s Learning to Fly for the past few hours, but instead of ‘fly‘, I’ve been inserting the word ‘type‘ in my thoughts. Why? Because I’m learning to type, of course. Well, relearning. I’m the sort who normally veers toward the things that come easily to him, and typing was never one… Continue reading give my pinky over there a workout

a clear picture in a dark cinema

The last week was spent watching movies. Mostly. Of course, Ella and Louis still needed to go out, and I had a day trip to Bamberg on business. That’s to say, life didn’t stop for the Filmfest München, but plenty was put on hold. There are not only plenty of film reviews left to write,… Continue reading a clear picture in a dark cinema

pulls you along

There are quite a few famous historical buildings in Bamberg, but I often find myself drawn back to the area of town called Stephansberg – particularly the Concordia Straße pictured above. It’s quaint. The cobblestone road is incredibly inviting, and it’s almost as if it pulls you along from one adorable little terraced house to… Continue reading pulls you along