six months at The Munich Times and then The Munich Eye

People hear again and again that print journalism is dead, but when it comes right down to it, some people just want to hold the paper in their hands. You’d think that being a journalist opened doors for you, but often the worst thing you can do is say, ‘I write for a newspaper.‘ (I… Continue reading six months at The Munich Times and then The Munich Eye

do mention the war, please!

There’s been enough sentimentality here for a while, right? That’s not what you normally come here for. What do you come here for, anyway? I’ve been pondering the things that people coming here seem to enjoy, and the more personal I get…well, it seems that’s what people want to read. I’ve tried covering some relatively… Continue reading do mention the war, please!

Contemplating the Continental Breakup

the idea of Europe I’ve thought quite a bit about how I’d introduce this topic. It’s complicated and nearly impenetrable. Notice I didn’t say impossible. But many Europeans I talk to don’t know where to begin. Or they’re so overwhelmed with the whole thing that they shy away from even trying to start. Many people… Continue reading Contemplating the Continental Breakup