when you’re not supposed to be a football fan

Was in a conversation recently with a few American friends, and as I’m also one (an American) I found myself getting hot and bothered about some ridiculous assumption these two friends of mine were making about being a Yankee abroad. Their contention was that being a football fan while living in Europe is an affect.… Continue reading when you’re not supposed to be a football fan

pig saves kid

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7WjrvG1GMk?feature=player_embedded] I don’t really know what to do with this, so I’ll simply post it. It pleases me to no end. Purportedly, pigs are rather clever. This one’s no exception.

six months at The Munich Times and then The Munich Eye

People hear again and again that print journalism is dead, but when it comes right down to it, some people just want to hold the paper in their hands. You’d think that being a journalist opened doors for you, but often the worst thing you can do is say, ‘I write for a newspaper.‘ (I… Continue reading six months at The Munich Times and then The Munich Eye

Oktoberfest’s Black Economy-Flat Rental

My colleague Michael Owens‘ piece on Oktoberfest’s Black Economy-Flat Rental got me thinking. Since I’ve decided to blog incessantly about the world’s largest Volksfest over the next few weeks, this is a great segue into the economy of the ordeal. Especially the Black Economy, or the untaxed income, is something that you might expect at any event… Continue reading Oktoberfest’s Black Economy-Flat Rental

Endstation Floh-zirkus

Here’s where we last were, but that was early morning. This is a Volksfest, or was originally intended as one, so the families and people more interested in the folk part of the fest come in the daytime. The mayhem mostly happens after dark, so I thought I’d show you a bit of that. Once… Continue reading Endstation Floh-zirkus

zeroing in on the Wies’n

Well, did you come here for more Oktoberfest? I’ve got more…plenty more. Another two weeks of this. If you want. To be forthright, the caption on the photo above is actually not entirely true. It’s not All the beer. That wouldn’t fit in one photo. Unless you took that photo from a mile up in… Continue reading zeroing in on the Wies’n

German baseballers go for glory

Here’s Douglas Sutton‘s article in The Munich Eye about baseball in Germany: German baseballers go for glory. Thanks Douglas. Great article. You didn’t even know we had baseball over here, did you? I’ve written about the game before, because I associate it with both my dad and my Nana. It’s one of the only things I miss about living… Continue reading German baseballers go for glory

Walking by the Wies’n: from the train station to the Westend

What a perfect morning it was yesterday. My dogs have turned a corner this summer when it comes to training, and I can leave them off their leads when there’s little traffic. I still have to watch them carefully and am aware it’s still dangerous in a big city. Nevertheless, we have a wonderful time… Continue reading Walking by the Wies’n: from the train station to the Westend

St Paul’s of the Oktoberfest

St Paul's of the Oktoberfest

I’ll be writing about the humorous and ridiculous when it comes to the world’s biggest beer fest that takes place over the next 16 days