goat-related things afoot…or ahoof

There’ve been goat-related things going on in the news and people are sending me goat-related links. I see goats depicted in paintings and I hear goats heralded in song. Since I became such an authority on these members of the Caprinae family, it seems like goats are following me around. Seeking me out like they’re… Continue reading goat-related things afoot…or ahoof

still his attacking heart

Dreaming of a German English final When I first arrived in Germany, I’d already become fascinated by international football tournaments, such as the World Cup. What I didn’t yet understand was the rivalry between the English and the Germans. Not only when it comes to football, but for a myriad of other reasons it’s one of… Continue reading still his attacking heart

Mustard and a Piece of Bread

We’ve been playing together for a little more than a year, Jarrod and I…parties and other informal events. Several times at the International Songwriters Evening Munich, which has been a pleasure. Nevertheless, we have plenty of other things going on, so we haven’t bothered coming up with a name. We play our own tunes, as… Continue reading Mustard and a Piece of Bread

trying too hard

Did you know they play football in the United States? Not American Football, which I’m not going to talk about. If you can’t say anything nice and all that… But proper football. It’s called soccer there (some are surprised to hear that soccer is actually a term that originated in England), and since the 70s… Continue reading trying too hard

always fifty-five

To me she’ll always be fifty-five. Isn’t that odd? When I was a certain age, my Nana was fifty-five. And no matter how much older she got, she was somehow still fifty-five to me. Now she’s died and memories of her are swirling round my brain, but there’s still a part of me that thinks… Continue reading always fifty-five

Eurovision is like a really bad dream…that I slept through

Despite the fact that I know it’s ridiculous, I normally watch Eurovision annually. I seriously considered boycotting it this year because of some things I read about human rights abuses in Azerbaijan, but then it turned out none of the channels in the holiday flat in Spain had Eurovision playing. So, the decision was made… Continue reading Eurovision is like a really bad dream…that I slept through

looking down on the Mediterranean

If you’ve been here a while, you know I like climbing. This blog didn’t exist last year during hiking season but if it had, there would’ve been many posts of mountains I’d climbed. Something to look forward to if you like that sort of thing. When I was in Nice at New Year’s, I wrote… Continue reading looking down on the Mediterranean

tapas and a breath of fresh air

Had seen everything I was going to see on this trip to Seville and it was time for a break. Having been advised that this place was particularly good, I made a beeline for El Atún. Just to be sure I got it right, I’d written down my order: ‘espinaces con garbonthes‘ (spinach with chickpeas)… Continue reading tapas and a breath of fresh air

is like an inverse sandwich

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuf2nvDWCJY] ‘Tell me have you seen the marvelous breadfish Swimming in the ocean waters? Have you seen that the marvelous breadfish Is like an inverse sandwich For fishermen and sharks?’ There’s no explanation for my fascination with this, but I’ve been watching and listening to it for more than an hour and I can’t… Continue reading is like an inverse sandwich