is like an inverse sandwich


‘Tell me have you seen the marvelous breadfish
Swimming in the ocean waters?
Have you seen that the marvelous breadfish
Is like an inverse sandwich
For fishermen and sharks?’

There’s no explanation for my fascination with this, but I’ve been watching and listening to it for more than an hour and I can’t get enough. No, I’m not on anything stronger than a pot of Assam tea. I’m clearly easily amused.

Thank you to @carocreature who turned me on to this. Her twitter account is blocked, so you’ll have to request access if you want to follow her. That’s ok. If she let’s you behind her wall of invincibility, it’s worth the price of admission.

bread fish image curtesy of booksandquills' tumblr


  1. The rolled “r” in breadfish made me laugh like a fool. And the way the fish’s mouths were sloooowly opening and closing. It’s just so HAPPY. And also trippy. Trappy, I guess that would make it, then.

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