Mustard and a Piece of Bread

Jarrod and his Sponge Bob ukulele

We’ve been playing together for a little more than a year, Jarrod and I…parties and other informal events. Several times at the International Songwriters Evening Munich, which has been a pleasure. Nevertheless, we have plenty of other things going on, so we haven’t bothered coming up with a name. We play our own tunes, as well as relatively unknown covers (the more obscure the better).

But all this is about to change. Not dramatically. Not quickly. But change it must. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, we’re not partial to entropy. We’re playing at Corso Leopold, which is a festival that takes place in the middle of one of Munich’s biggest streets (Leopold Straße). They block it off – it’s not like we’ll be sitting there while traffic whooshes by – and the festivaling commences.

The website is pretty straightforward if you’re accustomed to German. However, if you try using your google-fu and translate it unsupervised, you might encounter a bit of whimsy. Would you like to see a bit of that? Of course you would:

‘When taken to the streets of Munich, he has a lot to see. But nowhere will open his urban diversity so boisterous, as colorful and surprising as to unsrem (our) large hard-Schwabing. On the Corso Leopold is enjoying the big city, slightly self-indulgent as it is now time, as great in front of a mirror.’

Is someone being taken to Munich against his will? That sounds ominous. Schwabing is one of the more popular neighbourhoods in the northern central part of Munich, but I’d describe it as neither large nor hard. Is it in fact ‘now time‘? Really? I suppose that is a bit self-indulgent. And then the announcement goes on:

‘Amazed, because we are immodest, pushes himself as the crowd in front of the attractions. Come on, there’s something for everyone. Culture for everyone. It works! is the motto. And linger, enjoy life. Corso’s is on the event.’

Are we immodest? Merriam-Webster tells me that this means: ‘not conforming to the sexual mores of a particular time or place‘. Are we really all of that? Well, ok. As it’s written, let’s push ourselves as the crowd. According to this translation ‘It works!‘ is the motto. I can think of poorer mottos. As they say, ‘It works!

So, you’ve been informed: we’re playing at the Corso Leopold. To be more specific, we’re playing at the ‘Theater der Flaneure’ on Sunday 10 June 2012 sometime between 17 and 18 o’clock (according to the map provided, it’s near the Gisela Straße U-Bahn stop). The only thing that’s missing at this point is that we need a name. We’ve been talking quite a bit lately about idling, and our newfound obsession with the ukulele seems to go well with said idling. So the name we’ve come up with is:


If you can’t make it, I’m hoping we’ll have some footage I can link to later. Oh, and this is the first time we’re playing ‘Mustard and a Piece of Bread‘ live in front of other people. That’s exciting.

How about all of that? I think It Works!

some ukulele whimsy


  1. I’ve been properly caffeinated and fed, so I now have an opinion. The idea behind the name is perfect, but Leerlaufrecht has an awfully nice ring to it.

    I really hope you can post footage. SFO to Munich is a long way to go for a night out.

    P.S. I like the pajamas. 😉

    1. Good for you on the caffeine front.

      A band named after ‘Idling Law’? Perhaps that might be more appropriate for another collection of musicions.

  2. Oh, footage, yes, please please. Because I’m thinking I can’t make it. Odds are pretty slim at this point. I mean, I SUPPOSE my place might get picked up in some sort of Oz-tornado and dropped off there in time tomorrow, but who wants to count chickens before they’re hatched, you know?

    I’m dying to know if I know any of these obscure covers. I probably don’t – I have the worst taste in music ever – but I’m the most curious.

    I’ll tell you tomorrow to break a leg, but I’ll also tell you now. BREAK A LEG! Also, I like “Idleright.” It has a nice ring.

    1. ‘Idleright’ does sound nice, doesn’t it?

      I don’t think the tornado brought you here. At least, I didn’t see you. Maybe the OZ tornado took you somewhere else. Somewhere like Östersund. To see the Storsjöodjuret.

      Don’t eat it. It’s a protected species. If it even exists.

  3. google translating explains some of the interesting and scarcely relevant comments I get on my blog at times. Good luck getting your urban diversity boisterously opened, or opening others’ urban diversity, however that works. I liked Mustard and a Piece of Bread! You are multi-talented!

    1. Thanks for that.

      I don’t know that either my urban diversity or theirs was in any way impacted by my ‘Mustard and a Piece of Bread’, but I’m certainly willing to admit that I’m willing to do my part.

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