Oktoberfest’s Black Economy-Flat Rental

My colleague Michael Owens‘ piece on Oktoberfest’s Black Economy-Flat Rental got me thinking. Since I’ve decided to blog incessantly about the world’s largest Volksfest over the next few weeks, this is a great segue into the economy of the ordeal. Especially the Black Economy, or the untaxed income, is something that you might expect at any event… Continue reading Oktoberfest’s Black Economy-Flat Rental

Munich: the city of ‘We don’t need all of those newfangled things’

There was an intriguing article in the local paper last weekend, and I’m only just now getting round to talking about it. Sometimes I need a few days to decide if it’s even worth bothering you with. Truly. Not every idea is a gem. Aren’t there things you’ve done that, in retrospect, you probably would’ve… Continue reading Munich: the city of ‘We don’t need all of those newfangled things’

Happy Birthday Franz Josef Strauß

Happy Birthday to the aeroport…not the dude. The Bavarian politician, Franz Josef Strauß, has been dead for more than two decades. An article by Michael Owens about the celebration (Munich airport flying high, hopes future flights won’t be grounded) over at the Munich Times got me thinking about this place. This aeroport is worth its own blogpost.… Continue reading Happy Birthday Franz Josef Strauß