Walking by the Wies’n: from the train station to the Westend

Sunrise on the way to the Wies’n

What a perfect morning it was yesterday. My dogs have turned a corner this summer when it comes to training, and I can leave them off their leads when there’s little traffic. I still have to watch them carefully and am aware it’s still dangerous in a big city. Nevertheless, we have a wonderful time in the early morning when the city’s just beginning to shake off its slumber.

So, the Oktoberfest has begun and I’ve decided to write about it here on my miscellaneous blog. My aim is to share the peripheral stories of the world’s biggest folk festival. Our tour takes us by the site of the Wies’n, which is what the locals call the 2-week event, and through the Westend neighbourhood of Munich.

These guys go round doing odd jobs for people, and they’re paid based on bartering for their labour

These are journeymen, and for hundreds of years they’ve learned a trade by going ‘on the tramp‘, which I assume is where the term ‘tramp‘ comes from. If you’re interested, I’ll do some more research about these guys and write about this phenomenon in more detail.

statue outside of St Paul’s

Now we’re near the Oktoberfest. This guy’s outside of St Paul’s, which is the church across from the Wies’n. I included a photo of it in one of yesterday’s blogposts. Again, I’ll find out who he is if you want me to.

‘Döner macht schöner’

This marketing slogan means that if you eat Döner either life will be more beautiful or you will be more beautiful. Yet you can’t eat it at this location anymore, because they’ve closed shop. Used to be good, though. I promise.

Marais: Geschmackssachen

Named after a neighbourhood in Paris, this is my favourite café in this part of the city. It’s just the right sort of quirky. Ever find yourself in the Westend, step in and have a look around.

There…that’s enough for today. It may seem like this has nothing to do with the Oktoberfest, but I assure you it does. Be patient and you’ll know a bit more about my adopted hometown than you would even if you were here swilling their amazing Bavarian beer.


  1. Brings back really wonderful memories. & I don’t remember St. Paul’s & thought you had a pict of St. Paul’s London. Oh, well, it’s a beautiful church & I love the picts you included today. BTW, you might point out that the Bavarians have the good sense to insist that people not drive to Oktoberfest. They all take public transportation. Which leads to crazy scenes on the u-bahns but is much safer than drunks leavinig the ‘Fest & driving home. Love, Mom

  2. I understand that that cafe Marais offers everything for sale. if you see something in there you like you can buy it-including the tables and chairs!

  3. Oh, this is a most excellent post. Very bon vivanty.

    New favorite word of the day: geschmackssachen. I like the “schmack!” right in the middle. It’s very cheerful. It’s like a big old kiss on the cheek.

    I don’t know if I’d want those people doing odd jobs for me because they have better fashion sense than I do and I’d feel underdressed the whole time they were carrying my groceries or whatever.

  4. I am so jealous of your Oktoberfest experience and will be avidly reading your next posts. I am also going to find a proper outfit so that I can do odd jobs in order to gather funds for my Bavarian beer swilling.

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