zeroing in on the Wies’n

All the beer

Well, did you come here for more Oktoberfest? I’ve got more…plenty more. Another two weeks of this. If you want.

To be forthright, the caption on the photo above is actually not entirely true. It’s not All the beer. That wouldn’t fit in one photo. Unless you took that photo from a mile up in the air.

There’s a lot of beer at the Oktoberfest. As one would expect of a beer festival.

What? That’s not what it is? Well, I suppose you’re right. There’s much more to the Wies’n than just beer. There’s wine and liquor, as well.

morning at Spaten

This is one of Munich’s famous brewers. In the distance you can see the iconic Frauenkirche, which is the cathedral that is in the centre of many photos of Munich’s skyline.

young girls on the Hackerbrücke             (we’re getting closer)

Just FYI: we’re almost there. Can you taste the beer yet?

St Paul’s in the distance
We’re there…we made it. Here’s the Oktoberfest.

Aren’t you glad I brought you here?


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  1. You’re really good at building up suspense. This got very tense for a bit. Will we make it this time? WILL WE? And we DID!

    Also, knowing how much you eschew all things Oktoberfest, I appreciate you’re taking one for the team, here. The team being us.

    The Oktoberfest looks a lot more like my county fair as a kid than I thought it would. Huh.

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