Endstation Floh-zirkus

Entrance to the Oktoberfest…or one of them

Here’s where we last were, but that was early morning. This is a Volksfest, or was originally intended as one, so the families and people more interested in the folk part of the fest come in the daytime. The mayhem mostly happens after dark, so I thought I’d show you a bit of that.

Once again, I’d like to show the bits and bobs of the Wies’n that might otherwise get overlooked. For example, I’m planning to interview some of the workers. They’ve got stories to tell, I assure you.

But first a bit about the food at this little event. Most people associate the Oktoberfest with drink, but the food is as integral a part of the whole ordeal as anything else. For many locals, an outing to the Wies’n isn’t complete until you’ve had a Händl and a Maß Bier (a whole chicken and a litre of beer). Last year, there were some loonies who had a pet chicken that they paraded around the grounds of the festival, and they said that this one chicken’s life had been spared. Animal rights and all, yeah? Sort of wrong place at the wrong time if you ask me, but who’s asking me?

One of the things I like is the Steckerlfisch (fish on a stick) at Fischer Vroni, but even better than that is an Ochsensemmel (ox meat cooked to where it’s falling off the bone and served on a roll with a garlic sauce). It’s something I always have at least once each year. Here’s the way to the Ochsensemmel dealer:

waiting in line at the Ochsenbraterei

Then there’s one of the oldest amusements at the Oktoberfest. It’s a carousel that’s been around forever, but I’ll find out more specifics when I’ve asked more questions. Until then, here’s a few of my favourite shots of the old curiosity:

light shining round the horse on the carousel 

And you know I like the pigs, so here’s one you can ride:


pig on the carousel

And right next to the carousel is one of the things many people walk by again and again but never bother exploring. Let me show you first and see if you know what it is:

Floh-zirkus! That’s a right. a flea circus!

Here’s a shot from straight on:

You know you wanna go in there, don’t you?

Here’s what it says on the plaque there on the right:

Wonder what all this means…

I’ll provide the translation after I see what you think it means. Leave a comment if you think you know what this says…actually, leave a comment regardless.

Otherwise, what would you like to see more of in my Oktoberfest posts? People? Drunkenness?

My suspicion is that you like oddities. I’ll try to find more of those.



  1. I made it through a whole shift at work tonight with grand plans of translating this but was foiled by the fancy writing. I can’t tell what all the letters are! And the translation that Google came up with was worrisome. About the only thing that made sense is that fleas will be on golden wires, which was FANCY and POETIC. Oh, and that sometimes fleas are ridiculed, which made me sad for the fleas, and made me want to stand up to their bullies for them.

    Dad always said that there ARE no fleas in flea circuses and therefore would never let me go into them because “you can use your IMAGINATION for FREE at HOME.” I want to go to the Oktoberfest someday and pay to use my imagination. I can’t think of anything better.

    1. You know, fleas on golden wires does sound a bit poetic.

      I’ve got bad news for your dad. I’ve been to the flea circus, and I know for a fact that they’re real fleas doing real tricks. My imagination is just fine, thank you. However, I didn’t need it when it came to watching the Cirque de Flea.

      1. No there weren’t. NO THERE WEREN’T. There were REAL FLEAS? No. Dad has told me my WHOLE LIFE it’s all one of those fool-born-every-minute sideshows they use to separate the rubes from their money!

        Real fleas? REAL FLEAS DOING REAL TRICKS?!?!

      2. Someday. I want to hear all the people speaking all the German more than anything. I’m waiting for my ship to come in. I heard a watery noise a little while ago, however. I’m quite sure that was it sinking.

        REAL FLEAS!!! Oh, this is the best news I’ve had ALL DAY. I’m so telling Dad tomorrow!

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