do what you love

Lahikmajoe as a wee lad...

This is one of my photos from London, and I’ve been considering different ways to continue blogging about those two trips. See, for those who haven’t been following at home, I went to London to see Robert Godden and hang out with my friends Nigel (this blog’s London correspondent) and @elaine4queeen this autumn, and then… Continue reading do what you love

quirky cafés and tea shops in London?

Need your help. Please. Pretty please. Tried this on my Teablog, and only got one tip. I’m in London this weekend, which means there’ll be tea drinking and idling in an entirely new country. Exciting, right? But as much as I know of the city, there are always places one’s never heard of. I’m staying… Continue reading quirky cafés and tea shops in London?

introducing my London correspondent

My friend Nigel and I were chatting the other day. He was in London, and I was back home here in Munich. I was telling him about the Summer of Uke, which kicked off the other day at the Corso Leopold when Idleright played Mustard and a Piece of Bread. Then we found ourselves knee-deep… Continue reading introducing my London correspondent