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  1. Am I am a vast swath? Or am I tens of readers? Either way, I am not let down. I’m stubbornly cheerful like that.

    Hi, Nigel! Thank you for your very in-depth Olympic coverage! You have a very nice writing style that is equal parts intelligent and quirkily sarcastic, which we love around these parts. You’ll fit in nicely.

    I’m glad you survived the Olympics. Probably if you’d have told them you were the Lahikmajoe London Correspondent, you could have been one of the people to carry the torch. Maybe if you just wander up to random people and tell them who you are, even now, they might give you things. You should try that and let us know what happens. But if you get arrested, none of us have the money to get you out. We’re a good bunch, and we mean well, but affluent we’re not.

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