introducing my London correspondent

that’s Nigel on the right (back when he lived in Munich)

My friend Nigel and I were chatting the other day. He was in London, and I was back home here in Munich. I was telling him about the Summer of Uke, which kicked off the other day at the Corso Leopold when Idleright played Mustard and a Piece of Bread. Then we found ourselves knee-deep in a discussion about idling.

So, we were talking about playing the ukulele and idling, and the logical place this conversation is going is to London. Not just London, but Nigel‘s neighbourhood there. You see, there’s a place for idling. Well, there are many places for idling. Shakespeare and Company in Paris. Or up in Aspen, Colorado there’s Explore Booksellers. Those’re excellent idling locations. As is the Orange Show in Houston, Texas. I could keep listing excellent places to idle, but the point of this is to introduce one place in particular that I’m very excited about. The one in London. Near Nigel.

The Idler

That’s right. It’s a place called The Idler. I’m going to go there. It’s on my list. As a travelling Bon Vivant, I’m sure I’ll be there sooner than any of us expect. But in the meantime, Nigel has offered to be my London correspondent. He’s going to the Idler Academy of Philosophy, Husbandry and Merriment in my name and writing about his encounters. There will be stories of Nigel doing as little as possible. He’ll ask some inappropriate questions while he’s there, and hopefully manage to get his photo taken. It’s all very official.

I think you’ll enjoy Nigel’s work. Especially because it won’t resemble work in any way, shape or form. As is the way of a true idler.


  1. Nigel seems whimsical. I also like the name Nigel. It’s a very good name for a correspondent.

    I’m very excited to see the bookstore. I don’t get any idling in my real life, so it’ll be nice to experience some vicarious idling. Welcome, Nigel!

    1. This place looks like it’d make an idler out of even the most goal-oriented type. Last summer, I tried marketing my services as a laziness coach. There was massive interest, but only from the sort of people who already seemed to have laziness down.

      I’d like to bring my idling skills to a wider audience. That’s part of the direction this blog is going.

  2. I agree Aspen is the perfect place to idle, I’ve done some idling there myself and miss it so. Wishing Nigel good tidings in his posts.

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