swim for the light

(photo courtesy of Stephen Pruitt)

‘Why are you so into turtles?’ I get asked often. Instead of a traditional wedding ring, my wife and I chose turtle rings. We lived in Aspen when we were first married, and there was a Kieselstein-Cord shop there. Do you know this designer?

Known for alligator/crocodile belt buckles and other jewelry/paraphernalia, I was astounded to see they had turtles. Well, not real turtles. Turtle jewelry.

Who cares, eh? Well, when I was a teenager, I started collecting turtles. Again, not real turtles. Many of my friends have turtles (they’re great pets, incidentally), but I’ve got my hands full with Ella and Louis.

There are many more turtle-related stories I cold tell you, but I wouldn’t want to upset the goats.

Goats are a bit territorial and jealous by their very nature, you know? Here’s the ring. Nice, eh?



  1. Ooh, I love the turtle ring. When you mentioned a turtle ring, I didn’t think it actually LOOKED like a turtle. Even better than I imagined.

    I am quite sure that only the best of people collect turtle-related paraphernalia. This is from personal research, of course. And from looking around my own home at all the happy little turtles looking back at me.

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