Don’t tell Ella about my thing with Poppet

Me and my bitch in London…
Poppet isn’t shy about showing her affection.
I think she has something very serious to talk to me about.
This was before the election, but I feel the same way now.
I think we’re ok again.
One of us had too much Chapi (and it wasn’t me)…farting commenced.
There…everyone feels better now.
Then we went outside, which is much better than inside.
The River Lea…
The tea selection at the little café where the *boat people* drink tea.
Stuck on the wrong side of the fence…literally and metaphorically…
This isn’t going to end well, is it?


Wait! You’re the one stuck *inside* the fence. Out here, I can chase swans…
Well, enough of that. Let’s go back home for some more Chapi.





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