lack of resolutions

reminds me of Hamburg, not Munich

There were plenty of things I could’ve blogged about over the holidays, but I took a bit of a hiatus. The last few months have been stressful to say the least, and although there have been times I’ve blogged through similar turmoil, I decided at some point just to lay low. To say less rather than more.

The sad truth is that there have been plenty of things to talk about, and the nature of blogging is that something I might’ve written could’ve actually been useful…to someone. Please don’t’s possible.

Instead some insight I had or some experience that I slowed down enough to notice was stored in my memory or even recorded privately, and that nugget of potential wisdom won’t ever see the light of day. Well, not from me anyway.

Yet that’s gotten me thinking about the nature of what I’m doing here and all these ridiculous social media sites I circumnavigate. Are the experiences I had over Christmas and New Year’s somehow lessened because I neglected to mention them here? If I just ignored my computer/mobile phone for a few days, did my circle of friends on the internet worry about my absence?

Not so far they haven’t. There’s enough noise over at twitter that if you don’t see my avatar for a few days as you scroll through your tweets, your life isn’t negatively affected. That’s why I’m always amused when people threaten to leave a social media site. As if we really think our presence there is so important.

Sure I’ve got something unique to offer. Perhaps I’m looking at a story or a situation in a different light – some perspective that hadn’t been considered earlier.

What’s more likely though is that my perspective is simply the most juvenile. The way I look at things is quite candidly often the way a 13 year-old boy might. The most selfish, thoughtless, arrogant approach. That’s at least the first response I have to what life throws at me.

I’m not going to make any ridiculous resolutions that I’ll only blog the serious things. My suspicion is that you’d rather get the whimsical here anyway. That’s my thing – my Raison d’être. 

There. You didn’t think you’d get through a whole post without me throwing in a foreign term that could’ve just as easily have been written in clear English, did you? You know me too well.


          1. i bet. good luck!

            in other news i MAY be getting to do a PhD which, if i do means 3 years of independence from benefits, and 3 years freedom to do visitys!

    1. Truly hope I never come across as a whiner. I’m a truly fortunate individual. If life were about acquiring possessions, I’d be a bit lacking. Assuming it’s more about acquiring experience, I’m doing just fine I assure you.

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