the best red dogs on the planet turn eight today!

doing what they love most…Ella and Louis will definitely spar like this at some point on their birthday

On 13 January 2005 the best red dogs on the planet were born. I went into detail about all this last year at the same time, but I just wanted to share this photo. If I let myself, I’d blog about their love and what an honour it is to take care of them on a daily basis.

My heart doubles in size when I see Ella and Louis playing. These dogs have quite simply been the single most reliable thing over the last several years.

Am thrilled that photos of them bring joy to so many people I know only from the internet. I’ve been using the hashtag #EllaandLouis for a while over at twitter if you’d like a sampling of the joy they bring. Have at it.


  1. I think we have all learned to love Ella and Louis and I have to tell you, Ken, they were the reason I followed you back on Twitter more than 2 years ago.Mind you, you are not too bad yourself!
    Happy birthday, dear Ella and Louis.

  2. Thanks everyone. They had a wonderful birthday. A long walk in the park and the ceremonial pig ear were both savoured.

    Here’s to another great year with Ella and Louis.

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