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Ella and Louis on the U-Bahn in Munich
Ella and Louis on the U-Bahn in Munich
Ella and Louis on the U-Bahn in Munich

Have been searching for a new flat, and in Munich that’s not an easy task. It’s like a full-time job, and I’ve already got one of those. Well, sort of.

So, the biggest impediment when it comes to finding a place, aside from the fact that Munich is completely saturated, is my two dogs. Ella and Louis mean the world to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Oy, is it not easy.

While I look for a place, the dogs are at the sitter. They love it there, but it’s not easy for me to have them there. I want them with me. Full stop.

Yesterday, I found a hotel that allowed dogs, rented a room, and spent the night with my little family. It was heaven.

Here’s how they greet me when I pick them up from the sitter. Enjoy:


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  1. What a heart rending greeting. Maybe a mixture of joy at seeing you and reproach? But wonderful whatever. It must break your heart having to leave them again. Crossing everything and casting spells that you may find somewhere you can all be together again, very soon.

  2. So nice you could have them with you. Or is that “can” have them with you? Will they stay on with you there? Here’s hoping that your new dog-friendly apartment is only days away…

  3. I’ll never get tired of that video. I just watched it again and Dumbcat came over all curious eyes because he apparently thought there were dogs in the house so I let him watch it with me. This resulted in him bristling up like a brush and getting all nervous. “SO MUCH BARKING THOSE HAPPY RED DOGS MAKE, MOM!” says Dumbcat. “Dumbcat, this is how animals that LOVE their owners greet them when they see them after an absence,” I replied. “I WALK ON YOU WITH MY FEET AND ALSO SOMETIMES PURR AT YOU!” Dumbcat replied.

    I’m with Barbara. Everything’s crossed. Good thoughts are sent. The day you tell me you’ve found a dog-friendly place I’m cheering as loud as anyone’s ever cheered about anything, ever. Then probably I’ll cry a little. My heart hurts for you right now. Wishing this period to be over for you quicker than you know.

  4. Those two little rascals are adorable. I’m sorry they have to spend so much time away from you right now. I’ve been catching up on your previous blog posts from which I’ve gathered things may be a little less than perfect for you at the moment. I’m sending good thoughts across land and sea for you – and for Ella and Louis.

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