if you’re flying to Italy, take a German airline

This is something I wrote several years ago, but I thought after the recent trip to Florence, it’d be a nice time to repeat it. You’ll notice that we did return to the beautiful Tuscan city. On Lufthansa I assure you. Hope you enjoy: So, I was recently asked why I prefer train travel to… Continue reading if you’re flying to Italy, take a German airline

money and beauty

Don’t want to dwell on this, because hypocrisy can be such a tired topic. Nevertheless, it’s a very succinct description of how a letter of exchange wasn’t officially seen as usury. Here, give it a gander: ‘The Church’s ban on usury and the images of usurers burning in hell troubled lenders and borrowers alike. But… Continue reading money and beauty

day in a feminine city

As Henry James said in his Italian Hours: ‘It is the most feminine of cities. It speaks to you with that same soft low voice which is such an excellent thing in a woman. Other cities beside it are great swearing and shuffling rowdies. Florence has an immortal soul. You look into her grey eyes…so… Continue reading day in a feminine city

be nice to the poor bankers

You people are too hard on bankers. Yes, you people. I hear you casting your aspersions. Smearing their profession with your horrible inaccuracies. Financial vehicles that even they don’t understand.  Don’t you get it? They’re doing things even they don’t understand. That doesn’t merit even the barest of respect and awe from the likes of… Continue reading be nice to the poor bankers