I believe I can fly


What is going on here?

Is she an urban pixie? Can she fly? If she can, I want to see.

Did she already know how (to fly) or do the shoes help? If you get a pair of the wingèd shoes, can you automatically fly? Or does it simply make it easier to fly?

I’ve got questions.

Who’s got the answers?

Come on people! Give us some answers.


  1. Hmm, not sure she is a pixie? Wasn’t it Mercurius (Mercury to the heathens) who had winged feet? Or sandals, or something? Perhaps she’s a distant relative? Did she look Roman? And god-like?

    1. Actually, she was a pudgy Asian teen.

      You’re right, though. It wasn’t pixies who had wingèd feet. Thanks Andreas for the fact-checking. I’ve got the best blogging community.

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