these genes would make an ugly sister

Although I don’t have a sister, I found out some weird news this week. Turns out I can legally artificially inseminate my sister, but it’s against the law for me to actually have intercourse with her. That’s a relief, right? Wait, what? It’s true. Them’s the rules. Unless you’re in Germany or pay attention to German… Continue reading these genes would make an ugly sister

beeps and burps

[youtube] The video above starts with the woman asking her father how he’s getting along with the new iPad he was given recently. He answers that it’s just fine while he finishes cutting vegetables on it, rinses it off, and then loads it into the dishwasher. Have been hearing a lot of noise from luddites lately.… Continue reading beeps and burps

in search of a flatter earth

Although I’ve been in an airplane and seen the curve of the horizon, I could definitely argue for the logic of a flat-earth. If the globe was really round, why don’t we lean one way or the other. How can the Chinese live their whole life upside down? Think about it. I’ve heard about Newtonian… Continue reading in search of a flatter earth