Jerusalem? What took you to Jerusalem?

Jerusalem was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. Met old and new friends. Saw the Wall, and prayed for my mom, my dad, all my grandparents and felt some sort of spiritual realignment.

In the near future, I’ll try to put the last part in better words. For now, just know that I made it to and from The Holy Land and luckily didn’t get a Messiah Complex.

forgiving the unforgivable

One never knows what people will like. My last blogpost was one I’d saved, because although I thought it was morbid and dark, I thought it’d spur some conversation. Not in the least. Amy over at Lucy’s Football commented on it, but she’d comment on me cutting and pasting swaths of the phone book. She’s… Continue reading forgiving the unforgivable

What has to be said

This is going to be a post that really breaks from the tenor of my regular offerings. It sort of has to. See, I normally avoid  religion and politics. It’s just not my thing. I certainly have opinions on these topics, but most of the time I’d rather be writing to a general audience. I’m… Continue reading What has to be said