Texas Shaped Stuff

The entrance to the Walmart in Kerrville, Texas

Here it is – what you’ve all been waiting for. The Texas Shaped Stuff post. It’ll be a mix of products that are both in the shape of Texas, as well as those that use either the state flag or the shape of Texas in their advertising.


When you’re buying sausage, don’t you feel more secure if you see the little shape of Texas? I’m still not sure about this one.


When I posted this elsewhere, someone mentioned that this hot sauce isn’t even produced in Texas. I suppose Texas Pete would rather we not talk too much about that.


The German here (Oma is German for ‘grandma‘ and Opa means ‘grandpa‘) mad me smile. And I like both Habañero peppers and garlic. Wait, I can get bother together? All the better.


Hot sauce. The mild one’s for Wannabe Texans and the Medium for Naturalised Texans. What do you think about that?


And more meat? There’s always more meat. In Texas, there’s rarely a lack of meat. And if the shape of the state of Texas is on the package, it’s more likely it’ll sell.


And once you’ve got all that meat, you really need the grub rub. How long since you’ve had your grub rubbed? That very well may be too long.


I’ve poked a bit of fun, but here’s a product I actually like. When I’m in Texas, I drink Texsun stuff happily.

Who doesn’t need a Texas thermometer?
Larry’s Bag-of-Smoke could’ve been NSFW, but it’s not.
and a Li’l Texan sippy cup


Finally, a Texas shaped waffle. It looks somehow tastier than your typical waffle.

(update: my friend Cay sent me a photo of this, and I thought it really belonged here…enjoy)

Kathleen and a Texas-shaped jello salad


  1. Grub Rub creates its own delicious sauce and keeps your meat both moist AND tender. Grub Rub is also known as Euphemism in a Bottle.

    I saw no New York Shaped Things in New York City. I wasn’t looking too hard, though. We were busy and don’t care about such things here, apparently. It’s sad. I’ll look the next time I’m grocery shopping.

    1. ‘Euphemism in a Bottle’ indeed. ‘Moist’ and ‘tender’…ooh, this just gets better and better.

      I can imagine Long Island being some sort of handle on a New York-shaped club. Or an oddly-configured umbrella. You have those in New York, right? I think I remember seeing umbrellas there.

      1. Yes. We have umbrellas here. We’re a very civilized state.

        A quick Google image search only resulted in a NYS shaped cutting board, magnet, necklace, eraser, and cake. It’s really very sad.

  2. I have been there — at that Walmart in Kerrville! Texans sure are Texan proud. I suppose it harkens back to a time when Texas was its own country as The Republic of Texas. The shape of the state Texas has become iconic. I have good feelings when I look at these photos. Seems like folks here are bred to have a strong state pride – they love Texas dearly. I was not raised here, but once I got here, it did not take long for me to become infused with Texas pride — schmaltziness and all! I love Texas.

    1. Yes, Christy. I know what you’re talking about. When you haven’t seen that Texas-centric stuff in a while, it’s a bit surprising. I certainly knew it was there, but the waffle jumped out at me, and I mentioned it on a social media site.

      As a result, I was encouraged to find more Texas-shaped things/advertising. Hence this whimsical blogpost.

      Thanks for coming by, you.

      (full disclosure: I know Christy in *real* life)

  3. I suggest just redrawing all US state boundaries to look like food. Then you could have the Sausage State, the Ice-Cream State, the Apple & Blueberry Muffin State, the Hot Dog State and the Two Buttered Crumpets with a pot of Earl Grey state. And more. It would just take a little effort, and be a tremendous boost to US employment with all the stuff that would need re-labelling..And McDonald’s would probably pay to have a state shaped like a McCholesterol or something.

  4. I have seen Texas Pete in a Kroger store here in Indiana. I really liked the pic of a Texas shaped waffle. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the whole trip via Twitter. Thanks for taking us along.

    1. Thanks John. It was in no small part to your (and others’) encouragement that I documented the things I did.

      Enjoyed my trip very much. The way my schedule looks now I won’t be doing any long distance bon vivanting for a long while. This was a nice ‘last hurrah’, as it were.

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