be nice to the poor bankers

You people are too hard on bankers. Yes, you people.

I hear you casting your aspersions. Smearing their profession with your horrible inaccuracies. Financial vehicles that even they don’t understand.  Don’t you get it? They’re doing things even they don’t understand. That doesn’t merit even the barest of respect and awe from the likes of you?

I’m off to Florence and am going to see an exhibit at the Palazzo Strozzi called Money and Beauty. The history of early banking and its relation to the paintings of the Italian Renaissance.

In no way will it help me better understand modern banking or geopolitical problems. You don’t come here for that anyway.


    1. It’s true blogginglily…I spent the morning yesterday reading about the origins of anti-semitism in Florence. No matter how I wrote it, there was no way I could make this topic funny. I’m still toying with it and intend to mention it where applicable.

      Who knows…maybe in the right light Renaissance Jews being forced out of other professions into banking and then accused of banking will be hilarious. We’ll see.

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