for the love of train travel

Taking the train…


Fafa on the train…


The train station in Durham


Poppet and Elaine…on a train. A proper train, mind you.


The Dammtor in Hamburg
The train to the Zugspitze


Ella and Louis on the U-Bahn in Munich


Cottbus fans on the way to see their team play in Regensburg, and they’ve wrapped Ella and Louis in their team’s scarves.


Doing #DangerPanda on the train…an ICE train in Germany if you were wondering.








  1. What’s Danger Panda? The internet isn’t being helpful at ALL.

    Trains are VERY bon vivanty. They always make me happy. I haven’t been on enough of them in my life. That needs to change at some point.

    1. Danger Panda is a cycling term, and I only know it because I have some friends, who I only know digitally I might add, who’re biking enthusiasts.

      While you’re speeding along, you take a shot of your face from an aerial p.o.v. I’ll send you some good ones.

      Me doing a Danger Panda on the train is a bit of taking the piss out of those cyclists. There’s no longer any danger involved if you’re sitting comfortably on a train.

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