Willkommen in Berlin

Willkommen in Berlin

Arrived yesterday, and have already done quite a lot. As I travel through the city, I’m reminded of some of my favourite Berlin things, and even if I don’t do them on this trip, I’m going to talk about them here anyway. This is what you see first if you arrive by train. I’m a sucker for train stations, so this place always makes me smile. And the Welcome to Berlin sign doesn’t hurt.

Jugendstil water pump

You’ll notice as I show you more photos that I’ve got a weakness for Art Deco and Jugendstil. Architecture, furniture, Paris Metro Stations…all of it. And in Berlin, there’s all of it, aside from the Paris Metro Stations, and in addition these water pumps.

Here are many more other photos of Berlin water pumps. Beautiful, right?

Then there are the castles. Most people would probably start with Schloß Sanssouci (it’s nearby in Potsdam), but I chose to go with Schloß Charlottenburg. I was nearby and decided to go for Baroque (bad puns don’t cost any extra hereabouts).

And a bit more about the palace that Sophie Charlotte had built you can find here.

Then I’ve included a few photos of the Gendarmenmarkt right near the centre of the city.

Schloß Charlottenburg
Der Französische Dom am Gendarmenmarkt
Das Konzerthaus und der Deutsche Dom (auch am Gendarmenmarkt)
your blogger walking like an Egyptian


  1. What is Bombardier? Because here? It’s a brand of snowmobile. No, I’m completely serious. So it’s kind of funny to me to see a HUGE SIGN that has a word that I associate with a snowmobile. Is it the name of the train station?

    Yay, the castle!

    And double yay, you being King Tut! Was there a random place you could just walk up and be Egyptian? That’s kind of fun, right? I’d totally do that.

    I am LOVING this trip to Berlin. In case it’s not frighteningly obvious by how insane I’ve been about it.

    1. Bombardier is the company that makes Lear jets. Among other things. Not sure if they’re the people behind your snow mobiles.

      Knew you’d like the castle. After all of my blathering on about it.

      The featured country at the ITB Berlin (tourism convention) this year is Egypt. That’s why they had the King Tut photo op thing…nice, eh?

      1. Bombardier is a conglomerate manufacturing many things, but mostly train and light rail cars and diesel/electric locomotives. They also do a number of leisure products including snowmobiles and small sail boats – and provide financial services. They make the hi-speed ICE trains in partnership with Siemens. As such, they paid for the naming rights on the train station much like companies do with sports stadiums.

        So there.

  2. Lovely, lovely travel pictures! I can relax in a comfy chair, sip tea, and read about you wandering from place to place. Don’t stop. Keep posting. I have more tea to drink!
    Lucy, I had no clue either but it looks like some sort of large transportation company. Perhaps that includes snowmobiles 🙂

    1. Although they probably still work, I haven’t seen anyone use the Berlin water pumps.

      About the other question, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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