Shadow of a Doubt

An offer on twitter of a free ticket to see a Hitchcock film that I was sure I’d already seen. Little did I know – it was one of the middle period Hitchcock movies, and I was in for a treat. I had not only not seen it, but it has one of my all-time favourite actors in it.

Cotten. This guy’s a dream.

Apparently, he was in three world class directors best-known masterpieces. This one was dear Alfred‘s, The Third Man was Carol Reed‘s, and Citizen Kane was Orson Welles’. Not too shabby, eh?

Actually, lemme let Wikipedia explain what this film is:

 is a 1943 American / directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and starring Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten. Written by Thornton WilderSally Benson, and Alma Reville, the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story for Gordon McDonell. In 1991, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.’

What an evening.

The day had started with a visit to The Idler Academy of Philosophy, Husbandry and Merriment and then a trip with one of my closest friends and his 9 year-old to The British Museum, which we sailed through in record time. Not that I’m proud of that. The whole point was to spend time with them. What we did was irrelevant. The British Museum was as nice a place as any for us to go, and she’d never been.

To imagine seeing all of those things through her eyes, I walked through the exhibits covering the ancient world. Saw the Rosetta Stone and the dude from Easter Island. What must it be like to be nine and wander through those rooms.

My goal?

To try seeing all this – this life I’m knee-deep in – from a nine year-old’s perspective. Certainly can’t hurt.


  1. So glad you had fun bon vivanting in London. I went to school right next to the British Museum many and many a moon ago. I remember very little of it (which is worrisome, memory-wise, because I spent a lot of time there.) There were hand-written Beatles lyrics, though. I remember those. I was very impressed with those.

    1. I don’t understand why you weren’t in Londontown last weekend. It was the bomb, as the kids like to say. well, they used to say. When I was a kid.

      Well, I didn’t say it. Because I hated the kids. They were so childlike. Not in a good way either. They were so full of wonder and optimism and enthusiasm. You know the sort. Little jerks.

      1. Hmm. Well, probably because there’s an ocean between us. No, seriously. Like, a literal ocean, not like a metaphoric ocean like when people say that in romance novels and it makes you want to throw up.

        I do know the sort. Don’t care for them. Not one little bit. Their bright eyes and joy in just being alive. Makes you want to punch them in the neck. Teach ’em that life isn’t all roses. I mean, not that something like THAT would have ever crossed MY mind, no no not me.

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