This post is brought to you thanks to bifurcated sleep…

Technicolor sunrise at the Leuchtenbergring station

Ok, the long and short of it is that I don’t sleep well in the summertime. Not sure if I ever did, but it seems to have gotten progressively worse with age. Old man problems, right? I suppose so. 

So, I’ve gotten into the weirdest sleep schedule that can only be described as bifurcated sleep. I fall asleep when the sun goes down, sleep several hours and at some point in the night, I jolt awake. 

Trying to fall back asleep is frustrating to the point of me just accepting I’m up in the night. At some point, I eventually drift back off. 

It’s a great schedule if you’re a layabout or have no fixed appointments, but I’m no man of leisure. I’ve got to go to work. Need to make the donuts, as it were. 

Bleary-eyed, I make it to the S-Bahn station at Leuchtenbergring, take a shot that I promptly filter it to the point that it looks somewhat like the Hotel California album cover. The photo describes my mood in this sleep-deprived state. 

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. 

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