Happy Birthday Franz Josef Strauß

the Flughafen in Munich

Happy Birthday to the aeroport…not the dude. The Bavarian politician, Franz Josef Strauß, has been dead for more than two decades. An article by Michael Owens about the celebration (Munich airport flying high, hopes future flights won’t be grounded) over at the Munich Times got me thinking about this place.

This aeroport is worth its own blogpost. And more.

The place has its own brewery. Really. And what’s it called? Airbräu, what else. And aside form a few shops at the main train station and over-priced petrol stations, you can’t shop in Munich on Sunday. Except at the Franz Josef Strauß Flughafen. They have tonnes of shops open even on the Lord’s Day. As if it had been decreed from on high.

My very favourite thing? Most aeroports are filled with shops that gouge you because they know you have nowhere else to go. It’s a law of travel. Highway robbery.

But here in Munich, there are even two supermarkets where you can shop for basic staples, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. And the prices? Not one Euro cent more than at your local market. Imagine that. Your refrigerator at home is empty. The shops close at eight in the evening in Bavaria’s capital, so if your flight gets in too late, you’re out of luck if you want to buy something to cook.

Fortunately, the city of Munich has got you covered. Just pop into the supermarket at the Flughafen. That’s what it’s there for.

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  1. Have a safe trip. I will be worried until I know you land all in one piece. It’s what I do.

    I like that your airport has more things than a Cinnabon and a cheap souvenir shop. That’s all the airport I was just in had. No, wait, I take that back. It also had a bar where the drinks were severely overpriced. And something called “Cheeburger Cheeburger” which I think was based on a Saturday Night Live skit. I’m not eating anywhere based on sketch comedy from the 70s.

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