across fields and dales pulling your wagon and drinking all the way


Louis in the sunlight
Here’s what happens when you lie down in the grass when Louis is around. He’s going to stand over you and imply that he’s ready for you to get up and keep going. 

I bet some of you wish you had this sort of motivation. He’s happy to help you out if you need that extra bit of a push. While I’m sure he’s particularly cheerful today in the springtime sunshine, to be fair Louis is rather thrilled with any and all weather. 

We had Christi Himmelfahrt this week, which is one of the seemingly limitless holidays they’ve got here in Bavaria. That’s Ascension Day, for those of you so religiously inclined. What here in Germany is also when they celebrate Father’s Day

How do they celebrate that here? Well, this isn’t everyone. Ok? So don’t tell me you’re a German father and that you don’t do this. I’m just talking about what seems to be the done thing for many German men. 

You get a wagon – like a children’s wagon – and fill it with liquor and good beer and you and your male friends go through the village or across fields and dales pulling your wagon and drinking all the way. It’s a good old-fashioned piss up, as they say in Britain. Where they know about such things. 

Don’t think you even have to be a father to celebrate Father’s Day here in Germany. Believe I heard that you can merely be a potential father or some such. Or just be male. Can you manage that? If so, you’ve got to manage getting here for Christi Himmelfahrt one year. 

Bring your own wagon. I’m positive Louis will be happy to help you celebrate. 

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