Holding on to a moment


‘Holding on to the moment’ (photo by Meredith Marek)
It snowed here a week or so back. In April. It happens. 

This isn’t Vermont. Or Norway. But it snows here in April. Sometimes. 

I found myself humming Prince‘s ‘Sometimes it snows in April‘ and considered writing in great detail about how much I adored that song, but on the one hand I had so much to say and on the other…well, I was somehow at a complete loss for words. 

Yet there it was snowing and now it’s not – the break in the weather and a sunny day and it seemed like everyone was outside today. Photos of friends all over Bavaria and beyond. So pleased people are greeting the springtime. Reminders that 

Days are getting longer. After you’ve had a handful of overcast days, then a gorgeous sunset can make all the difference. It might’ve been a nice evening anyway, but you look up from whatever you were doing, and suddenly there’s glorious yellows and oranges floating in the kitchen window. Whether you were already in a decent mood or not, a moment like that can elevate your perspective. 

That’s what happens when I look at that photo I shared up above. It perfectly catches the mood of the amusement rides at the Auer Dult, which is a traditional festival that occurs several times a year here in Munich.

‘Holding on to a moment‘. I see the pair in the picture reaching out for each other’s hand and love that they’re holding on. Additionally, I imagine something similar to that light that I mentioned streaming in my kitchen; the way I wanted to capture not just the visual memory, but the whole feel of it, as well. That moment caught in time holds all of these associations for me. Of wonderful times at the Auer Dult, of course, but of other Bavarian sunsets. 

Other yellows and oranges floating in. Holding on to a moment, indeed. 

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