gone holidaying in Tutzing

Where the mail arrives in Tutzing

Realised today that there’s nothing holding me in Munich. Everybody’s off for Christmas, so my obligation is to get back by the second week of the New Year. Until then, I might just wander a bit.

I’ve begun to consider living farther afield, and Tutzing is a town I’ve always enjoyed visiting. It’s probably not the easiest commute, but at this point finding a flat back in the big city is proving to be more trouble than it’s worth.

So, above is where the mail arrives here in Tutzing. I’ll take more photos of the town and surroundings in the coming days. It’s on the banks of Lake Starnberg, which is one of the prettiest places in Bavaria. Here’s a photo of the church in town:



And here’s a photo of me being sour in the snow:

Grey beard!
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  1. I do so like Tutzing. It’s one of my best town names ever. It’s like two people having an argument. “Tut!” “ZING!”

    Have the best best time ever. Don’t be sour. Your grey beard is very distinguished.

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