starting and ending in the front room on the Tottenham Riviera

sometimes you gotta pack up all your stuff

The trip to London is like a huge chunk of molten ore from which I’ll be mining blogposts for a long time to come. Were I to show you my itinerary, you’d be astounded at how much I packed into such a short trip. Big ups to @elaine4queen for meditation-related help and conversations of the highest order.

I got some business taken care of, and there’s big news on that front when it’s more concrete. Don’t count chickens before they’re scratched, or whatever. And I met Robert Godden, who’s also known as The Devotea in teablogging circles. That was an event. To say the least. Here’s a document of that auspicious occasion:

Whatchyou talkin’ ’bout Robert?

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Robert either online or in person, you know that he’s passionate and just the other side of sane. It’s one of the myriad of reasons we get along. I also met the infamous Lady Devotea, but was sworn to not publish the photos I took of her. Perhaps once she sees the way I respectfully portrayed her gent, she’ll relent. But until then, I must respect her wishes.

Then, I was introduced to Bloom Tea, which I’ve already mentioned over on the teablog, but bears repeating here. They have five different blends for different times of the day. It’s a clever way to sell tea, so I’m sure I’ll be talking more about this brand in the near future. Here’s a photo of the sample I was given:

the five phases of Bloom Tea

The mornings in London were exactly like they are back here in Germany for me. I get up relatively early, so I can plan my day properly. It means that when others get out of bed, I’ve already been at it for several hours. It’s all rather disconcerting if you think about it. Because I know my level of energy can be a bit off-putting, I attempt to tone it down as best I can – with varying results.

afternoon tea with some of my favourite people who I’d not previously met

Finally, I’d like to share one of the best photos of last weekend. It’s got some wonderful characters in it, innit? I’ll not bother listing them all, although I should at least make a passing reference to a certain Vic Darkwood, who you’ll see on the far right of the shot. Purportedly, he’s an artist of some renown.

I’m just glad to say we now know each other on twitter. I hope when he gains international fame and glory, that he remembers us little people.

Like I’ve said, I’m sure this isn’t my last London-themed blogpost. There’s tonnes more to tell.



    1. I often think that photos of me indicate deep-seated narcissism. Then I get good feedback on including such photos, and I think, ‘How bad is overt narcissism?’

      The last photo’s a keeper, though. Was a whirlwind of an afternoon. Wish I’d had an hour to talk to every single person at that table.

    1. That tea is made of dried fruit, which a tea person would insist isn’t even really tea. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it.

      Many people put it in boiling water and just let it steep as the drink it. For me, that gets too bitter. I leave fruit tea, or for you pedants out there fruit tisanes, in the water for about five minutes and then strain it into another receptacle.

  1. I like your Linus-shirt. I’m pretty sure I need a Lucy-shirt. We could be long-distance t-shirt twins.

    The London trip was very exciting and quite an adventure. I can’t wait to hear more about it. I like to vicariously bon-vivant a great deal.

    NO CHICKEN-COUNTING. I say that ALL THE TIME. If you count your chickens, VERY BAD THINGS HAPPEN. I’m not really sure what, but SOMETHING BAD. It must be true. My grandmother told me, and she doesn’t lie, not when countrified sayings are involved.

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