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no photos please...goat experts don't deserve all this attention

I know it’s been mentioned here before, but I have somehow backed into being some sort of authority on goats. Stalling for time, I posted a photo of me with some goats and slapped the title ‘You Can’t Always Expect Goats‘ on it. Little did I know that after I pressed ‘publish’ I would be forever linked to the world of Capra aegagrus hircus. In case you haven’t been paying attention, that Latin for domestic goat.

There was swooping down from the hills and collapsing to the ground where I talked about fainting goats, and even before that was the above-mentioned blogpost that was buying time for a longer, more detailed blogpost. A bit like what I have here on offer today.

Having said all that, I can offer you just a bit more goat-related. For some reason, I found myself entering ‘goat‘ and ‘controversy‘ into a search engine. There was quite a lot about a goat controversy that made my eyes glaze over, but when I scrolled down far enough, I found All Things Goat, which I have to say is quite a sight for sore eyes.

These are my people. Imagine how much more influential I’ll be in goat-related topics now that I know I can lend all my useful expertise to the people over at All Things Goat: Exploring the world of Capra aegagrus hircus.

You can hardly wait. I can tell.


  1. Oh, I was so glad to see a you-post today. And what a post!

    I feel like this is hinting at a longer post forthcoming. I like that thinly-veiled promise.

    Also, that goat website is DAUNTING. So much goat related information! You should probably recap some of it for us. We rely on you for that. You’re our expert, after all. You’re the can’t-always-expect-goats-guy.

    I like this photo. I like to imagine under what circumstances such a photo would have been taken. The stories I’ve come up with in my mind are very entertaining. Very entertaining, indeed.

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