another day in Berlin

The U-Bahn in motion

Typically, this blog is a lot of text and one well-chosen photo. The last several have been the opposite. Lots of visual impressions of Berlin, and not much interpretation. You certainly know I like to write about my thoughts, so I assure you that there’ll be some of that in the coming days.

Alas, there’s so much going on here. This was actually a business trip, so I needed to take care of that before I could attend to blogging. But I promise you I’m not complaining. Far from it. Here are some of my favourite views of Berlin so far:

The Fernsehturm from the U-Bahn
night and day under the Rüdesheimer Platz
Checkpoint Charlie
at the Currywurst Museum
Berliner Dom
stretching in the Lustgarten
market vegetable seller
winding down at the Tadschikische Teestube


  1. Your photos are wonderful. As usual. I love the train. It’s so eerie.

    Is the Checkpoint Charlie photo the museum? Wait, it is, it is, I see in the window it says “museum.” I WAS THERE, KEN!!! If I can ever find the stupid missing photos, I can SHOW you!!! You were at a place I actually was, how exciting! See, when Dad was in Germany during Vietnam (that’s where they sent him, no one really understands it, least of all him) he remembers Checkpoint Charlie well. So when I went, I made a point of visiting the museum and taking lots of photos. WHICH HAVE GONE MISSING. Grumble.

    The Currywurst Museum makes me laugh. Also, I totally Googled currywurst today. The wurst looks delicious. Of course it does. It’s wurst. Who doesn’t love wurst? But the sauce looks horrendous. Does one HAVE to have the sauce? Every photo had the sauce. It made me nervous. I just want the meat. No sauce.

    Aw, and hi, you, looking all restful and relaxy!

    (This is the best part of my day. The reading everyone’s blogs part. And I have two from you! Plus the restaurant one! A very auspicious day.)

    1. Hey…how cool is that that you were there? Did you take a photo with the stern soldier?

      Am curious what your dad thought of Berlin. There was an article in one of the local papers, while I was there, about how many symbols of the American presence have fallen into disrepair.

      It’s so curious to me that I’m pondering it & might be writing about it. Something that might even be a bit controversial. Ooh, right?

      As you well know, ‘You can’t always have goats.’

      1. I know, right? We’re like two ships passing in the night with our Berlin-visitations.

        I don’t remember what I took photos of! Probably! I have GOT to find those.

        Dad’s thoughts on Germany…eh. I won’t put them on the internet. I’ll email you, if you want.

        Yes yes yes. Blog controversially. That sounds really interesting. (Also, I’d love to read the article. But it’s in German, I’m sure. I know, what, three German words? Heh. That’s probably not going to be an easy read for me.)

        Google “you can’t always have goats.” BAM. You are THE FIRST RESULT. That’s your legacy. How proud are you?

  2. No,no Lucy – the sauce is what makes it! The sausage is just a sausage, not bad but just like the other Brats. The sauce is simply ketchup with curry powder, nothing dangerous, and actually pretty good. In fact I want one right now. Made me smile though, that there’s a whole museum dedicated to them.
    Lovely photos again Ken, particularly like the first one, and the one of you is nice too. Where were you in that one? Is that a Turkish tea place?

    1. The sauce is essential when it comes to Curry Wurst.

      That last photo is of me in the Tadjikische Teehaus. It’ll be featured in the ‘Tea places in Berlin’ post over on the teablog in the next day or so.

      Am glad you like the photos.

      1. Yes, Lucy. The sausage is plain sausage. They take the sausage, run it through a slicer, pop it into a little paper tray and pour the sauce on top. It’s simple but typing about it here, is making my mouth water. What I would give for a currywurst right now…

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