you can’t always expect goats

lahikmajoe with goats

Have been toiling away at a serious blogpost, but it’s not ready to be thrown up on the old Dachshund Blog. Not yet anyway. So, I wanted something new to be here, and I decided on an old photo of me with some goats.

Who doesn’t like goats?

This was one of my more ridiculous facial hair styles, if you’d even call it that, and the goats seemed to be well aware of how preposterous that non-beard beard choice was.

This photo was taken at a Cheese Festival in Bad Tölz several years ago, and I was lucky enough to be there on business. Later this week, I’ll be at another food-related event and I think I might just subject you to some of my impressions of it. Doubt there’ll be goats, though.

No matter how good the event might be, you can’t always expect goats.


    1. You may do what you like regarding cheese, but expecting it sets you up to be sometimes sorely disappointed. Sadly.

      I’d give you cheese, but that’s just the kind of guy I am.

  1. I’m days and days behind on commenting because the theater made me too busy to comment. Damn you, theater.

    I LOVE GOATS. I like their eyes because their pupils are curious and awesome. Also, they almost always let you pet them, and very seldom kick.

    I have to be honest, the facial hair made me giggle. Yours. Not the goats. The goats’ facial hair is perfect. But I love that you wore it with STYLE. As you do everything. You are very stylish. And flair-y.

    Also, not being able to expect goats is one of the best things about them. Because sometimes you just turn the corner, and you’re having a stompy day, and it’s like, “HEY! Goats!” and your stompiness just dissolves. Stompiness can’t stand in the face of a lovable goat.

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